Landmarks Architecture and Planning

Address: 33 Flamingo Drive, Halifax, NS B3M1S6, CA
Phone: (782) 234-8858
Contact Name: Seamus McGreal
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At Landmarks, we offer professional planning and architectural design services to facilitate cultural heritage projects or projects seeking to establish community landmarks!

Cultural heritage projects include registering a traditional home as a heritage building or designing an appropriate addition to a heritage building. These projects also include studies of historic towns and important landscapes that can serve to protect the character and integrity of our communities.

We see community landmarks as development projects that have a positive impact on our communities, by contributing to economic development, housing supply, or architectural interest. We will work with you to understand the history of your town or region, identify the challenges affecting your project, and plan for the future.

Landmarks will guide the success of your project and in the progress of your community.

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