The four provincial associations have adopted a Joint Policy on Code of Conduct and Discipline. The Professional Practice Committee’s purpose is to review discipline issues on behalf of provincial associations.

Committee Members 2019

Jens Jensen, LPP, MCIP, Committee Chair (LPPANS)

Mark Reade, RPP, MCIP (NBAP)

Lydia Lewycky, MCIP (NLAPP)

Rob Griffiths, MCIP (PEIIPP)

Note: Before the Committee considers a potential discipline issue, the members are canvassed to ensure they are not in a conflict of interest position, and a replacement is found if required.

Committee Terms of Reference


 1.1 The Professional Practice Review Committee is a standing committee of API and will, at the direction of a Provincial Association, review discipline issues on behalf of that Provincial Association in accordance with provincial legislation, by-laws and policy, and make recommendations to that Provincial Association’s Board or Executive.


 2.1 The Committee shall consist of four Full Members in good standing or a retired full member in good standing, one of whom shall be appointed from each Provincial Association.

 2.2 One member shall be designated by the Committee from among its membership as the Chair and one member shall be designated by the Committee from its members as the Vice Chair.


 3.1 Members shall hold office for a two-year term and until their successors are named or a resignation is received.


 4.0 The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair or when so directed by the API Executive Director upon a duly received request from a Provincial Association Board or Executive.


 5.1 A quorum shall consist of the majority of the Members holding office at the time of the meeting.


 6.1 The duties of the Committee are: 

a) Upon request of a Provincial Association, and in accordance with Provincial Association policy, to undertake investigations of complaints and report its findings and recommendations to the appropriate Provincial Association Board or Executive. 

b) To make recommendations to API or a Provincial Association on matters within its jurisdiction

c) To ensure that its activities are undertaken in strict confidence and to not divulge its discussions or findings to any person who is not a member of the Committee, the President of the Provincial Association requesting a review or the Executive Director.  

October 16 to October 18
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