Full Membership Applicants
For individuals (other than students and non-corporate members) applying for a full membership, please go to the Professional Standards Board website to begin the application process.

Non-Practicing Application
Full Members and Candidates may go on non-practicing status for up to one year at a time, subject to approval by their provincial association. Members must be in good standing and must fill out and submit the Leave From Active Membership Form.

Membership Transfer
Members in certain categories who permanently relocate to another Canadian province or territory may transfer their membership by completing a Transfer Form.

Secondary Affiliation Applicants
Members in good standing of other CIP affiliates may apply for secondary affiliation with API. Individuals wishing to apply to API must fill out and submit a Secondary Affiliation Form.

Retired Membership
Current full regulated members in good standing who have retired from active planning work may apply for Retired Membership. Individuals must complete the Retired Membership Application Form.

Student Applicants
Students applying for a student membership must fill out and submit a Student Application Form

Pre-Candidate Applicants
Individuals applying for a pre-candidate membership must fill out and submit a Pre-Candidate Application Form. Note: Acceptance as a Pre-Candidate member does not guarantee acceptance as a Candidate member.

Public Associate Applicants
Individuals applying for a public associate membership must fill out and submit a Public Associate Application Form

Complaint Form

f you would like to lodge a formal complaint against a member of API or one of the four Provincial Authorities in the Atlantic Provinces, please fill out the Complaint Form and submit as directed on the guide.

Form Submission

All forms can be scanned and e-mailed to communications@atlanticplanners.org or sent via direct mail to the address below.

Atlantic Planners Institute, 5707 St. Peters Rd. Box 63, St. Peters Bay, PE C0A 2A0.

October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024