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Membership Categories

The four provincial associations within API have adopted a joint policy on membership categories. There are two main categories of membership:

  • Regulated Member, and
  • Non-Regulated Member

Regulated Members are further classified into two sub-categories:

  1. Registered or Licensed Members (MCIP/LPP/RPP); or
  2. Candidate Member

Non-Practicing status is available to Candidate and Registered or Licensed Members experiencing a temporary interruption in their practice as a professional planner. Individuals must apply for Non-Practicing status. Non-practicing status may only be granted for not less than six months and a maximum of one year. The period of leave may be extended for an additional 12 months upon approval.

Non-Regulated Members are further classified into four sub-categories:

  1. Pre-Candidate Member;
  2. Student Member;
  3. Retired Member; and
  4. Subscriber Member.

Student membership is open to both students enrolled in an accredited planning program, as well as those who are enrolled in a related program and have an intention to pursue a career in planning.

A Retired Member can elect to be reinstated to full membership within two years of retiring provided all requirements for payment of membership fees, continuous professional learning and administrative fees are met.

Download the full API Policy on Categories of Membership.

Download membership application Forms.

API Membership Category Fees

For 2023

Please note: Both the CIP fee and the API fee plus the applicable taxes are to be remitted.

Full Member, Candidate, Pre-Candidate

  • NBAP: $352.00 + HST
  • NLAPP: $352.00 + HST
  • PEIIPP: $352.00 + HST


$35.00 + HST


$75.00 + HST


  • NBAP: $75.00 + HST
  • NLAPP: $75.00 + HST
  • PEIIPP: $75.00 + HST

Public Associate

$75.00 + HST

CIP Membership Category Fees (In Addition to API Fees)

For 2023

Full Member: $241.26 + HST + $ 54.00 (Liability Insurance)
Candidate: $241.26 + HST + $ 54.00 (Liability Insurance)
Retired Member: $75.00 + HST
Non-Practicing: $75.00 + HST
Student: No charge
Pre-Candidate (non-corporate): $241.26 + HST

Administrative Fees for Reinstatement


Reinstatement of a Regulated member who has been suspended or expelled for non-compliance with CPL requirements or for non-payment of membership fees—$150 plus HST.

Reinstatement of a Regulated member who has retired and wishes to return to active membership—$150 plus HST.

Please note other conditions may also apply for reinstatement.

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