Awards Evaluation 2022

  • the submission should provide evidence that a variety of perspectives have been included in the planning process, particularly from traditionally underrepresented groups such as First Nations, people of colour, low socio-econamic status, youth and elderly. The submissions should also explain how it has considered the impact of the plan on different populations.
  • how the project is devised and developed to the point of implementation
  • as a significant factor in current and future land use discussions, the submission should outline how climate change risks to the subject area have been considered and what mitigation and adaptation strategies have been included.
  • the submission should be able to identify at least one significant issue/challenge/need (e.g., housing, environmental health etc.) which is impacted by the project and outline how the project works to address the issue/challenge/need.
  • the introduction of an original concept or refinement of an existing technique or procedure. Importance to the profession, and the portability of ideas and the ease with which they can be applied;
  • overall focus and degree of comprehensiveness relative to applicable subject matter and topics to be addressed
  • how the project can be implemented and effectiveness of the implementation strategy and/or programming
  • judged on organization and clarity of the text and graphics as well as completeness of research and recommendations
  • consideration will be given to the rationale and effectiveness of specific techniques used to share information with the public (and to solicit and utilize feedback) at various points in the development of a project and the use of a diverse and inclusive approach to engaging all segments of the community;
  • how the project contributes to the quality of life and healthy community relative to environmental, economic, social and cultural attributes over the long term
October 12 at 12:00pm to 12:00am (12:30pm to 12:30am NL)
LPPANS Annual General Meeting
October 19 to October 21
API Conference 2022