1.0          STATUS

  1. The Conference Planning Committee is an ad hoc committee comprised of volunteers from each (Atlantic) Provincial Association to assist in the planning of the annual regional conference.
    1. The Conference Planning Committee will be comprised of three subcommittees:
      • Program;
      • Sponsorship; and
      • Social.


2.1      The Planning committee will select a Chair from the host province Association.  Each subcommittee will have a Chair role.

3.0      QUORUM

3.1      A quorum shall consist of the majority of the volunteers who have self identified as committee members for each meeting.

4.0      DUTIES

4.1      The duties of the Committees are:

  1. Planning: All members who have indicated that they are interested in volunteering are assumed to be part of the Planning committee.  Meetings will be held 6-8 times leading up to the annual conference.  The Chair will lead each meeting and updates will be provided from each of the subcommittees.
  2. Program Subcommittee:  determine the theme of the annual conference; develop and release the Call for Proposals; review all submissions; and define schedule.  Meetings will be held on a monthly basis with date and time determined by the majority.
  3. Social Subcommittee: plan activities and events for conference outside of scheduled sessions including extra activities or mixer events.  Meeting schedule will be determined by committee.
  4. Sponsorship Subcommittee:  identify and actively engage with potential sponsors for financial or other support for annual conference. Meeting schedule will be determined by committee.

5.0      Support

5.1      The API Administrative Centre team will provide administrative and logistical support to the Committee.

October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024