GIS Analyst/Planning Technologist II

Cape Breton Regional Municipality
March 27, 2020
Laurie Kennedy

POSITION DESCRIPTION: GIS Analyst/Planning Technologist 11

DEPARTMENT: Planning and Development


Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, performs geographic information needs assessment for more complex end user applications. Duties include designing spatial data coverage and associated databases, designing and recommending workflow to create and maintain spatial data. This position authors more complex programs and customizes GIS software to support applications. Responsibilities involve assisting in capacity planning for data storage, processing and networking impact of GIS applications and creating metadata. Performs spatial data administration support and advanced spatial analysis for complex projects. Employees participate in teaching end users and provide advanced level support for more difficult GIS applications. This position requires a broad technical knowledge of both geographic and planning concepts and a working knowledge of GIS/CAD packages, such as the ESRI Software Suite and AutoCAD preferred.

STATUS: Union – Inside Bargaining Unit


• Information Handling
Responsible to design and implement projects to research, compile, organize, analyze and present land related, socioeconomic and planning related information. Conduct field surveys, interviews and research. Responsible to provide assistance in preparation of planning reports in both graphic and written form. Advises on the acquisition of technical information and technical equipment. GIS database development, analysis, development of desktop and GPS/field application services.

• Public Services
Responsible for the preparation of displays for public meetings, such as the audio-visual equipment and presentations, maps and various displays. Responsible for technical assistance as required at public and committee meetings. Responsible to respond to requests for maps, technical information, statistics, reports and other planning related material. Responsible for the preparation and production of all public relations materials, brochures, advertising, etc.

• Technical support for the processing of applications for Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law Amendments and Development Agreements.

Other duties, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Creation and maintenance of CBRM’s corporate digital Geographic Information System (GIS) databases from varying states (quality) of municipal drawings, digital field information, and other internal and external data sources, using ESRI GIS software.

• Ensuring that data from external sources meets corporate standards as well as client needs and that appropriate metadata is captured against the corporate databases.

• Projecting spatial data from non native map projections/datums to the current CBRM standard.

• Importing and exporting of digital data from other agencies and transfer to this data into SDE.

• Spatial data query and analysis using ESRI ArcGIS software and associated extensions.

• Use of handheld Global Positioning (GPS) units and associated software to collect/verify positional location of data.

• Air Photo interpretation

• Demographic Analyses

• Geo-referencing of raster/vector spatial data using ESRI ArcGIS

• Inspection of digital data received from contractors.

• Geocoding of tabular data.

• Conducting land use surveys, coding the collected data with the provincial land use coding standard and maintaining the currency of this information through use of the CBRM automated building permitting system, field checks and other sources.

• Civic Addressing Coordinator duties including importing location certificates, assigning civic addresses, and facilitating renumbering/renaming.

• Preparation of customized cartographic products and data for staff and other agencies;

• Assist in the set-up of equipment and graphic presentations for meetings.

• Design and implementation of customized GIS and automated permitting system applications;

Knowledge of a wide variety of Software packages, including but not limited to:

• Operating Systems

• Database Programming

• General Software
MS Office Suite, Adobe Software Suite, GPS software, Statistics Canada 20/20 demographic software, HTML; Visio; XML.

• Automated Permitting System:
CBRM Land Management System

• GIS Software
ESRI ArcGIS (with experience in SQL) & ArcGIS Server; Blue Marble Geographics products

• Hardware
digital cameras; scanner; plotter;


• Graduation from a Planning Technologist program recognized by the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians, plus at least two years of relevant technical experience or a Planning degree, recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners, with at least 4 years experience as a Planning Technologist, or graduation from a recognized Geographic Information Systems certificate program with 3 years experience in a municipal planning office setting.

• Membership or eligibility for membership in the Atlantic Association of Planning Technicians and/or the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians.

• Knowledge of the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act.

• Proficiency in Geographic Information Systems – specifically ESRI ArcGIS (current versions).

• Knowledge of graphic presentation of spatial information using software packages such as AutoCAD MAP and Adobe Software Suite.

• Ability to use the MS Office suite of products.

• Must possess and maintain valid Nova Scotia Driver’s License

• Must be able to carry out planning GIS technical work at an advanced and supervisory level, with good organizational skills.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

• A medical assessment including vision and hearing tests. Medical assessment must show the capacity of performing tasks of the classification (This is not required at time of application but will be required prior to hiring).

October 16 to October 18
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