The Creation of The Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw for the New Town of Three Rivers



The following is a request for proposals for the provision of planning services to the Town of Rivers. The requirements of the submission are outlined in the Request for Proposals and the requirements and objectives of the project are outlined in the Terms of Reference.

1.1 Introduction

The Town of Three Rivers is requesting proposals from qualified planning consultants for the provision of planning services specifically to undertake the creation of the Town’s first Official Plan and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw.

1.2 Background Information

The Town of Three Rivers is a newly established Town as a result of amalgamation in September 2018 having an estimated population of 7,181 and located in Kings County east of Prince Edward Island’s capital and largest city, Charlottetown.

The amalgamation includes diverse populations of The Rural Municipality

Brudenell, Rural Municipality of Cardigan, Town of Georgetown, Rural

Municipality of Lorne Valley, Rural Municipality of Lower Montague, Town of Montague, Rural Municipality of Valleyfield and large rural unincorporated area subject to the jurisdiction of the Province.

The Town is an area of diversity having extensive coastlines with shoreline developments including a well-developed fishing industry and marinas, to many rural areas including cottage and agricultural farms with the more urbanized areas of Montague and Georgetown available for supplying many of the economic needs of the residents.

1.3 Background Documents

The following documents will be made available:

  • Any relevant maps and plans, as available;
  • Town of Montague Official Plan; and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw;
  • Rural Municipality of Brudenell Official Plan; and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw;
  • Town of Georgetown Official Plan; and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw;
  • Rural Municipality of Lower Montague Official Plan; and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw;

2.0 Scope of Services and Requirements

2.1 Scope of Work

Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw

From a conceptual perspective, the OP will serve as the visionary guide for the new Town’s future planning purpose taking into the account the former municipal/rural unincorporated areas and the Zoning Bylaw will provide the required land use policy and framework by which the Town can accomplish the stated goals in the OP.

The OP requires the formulation, articulation and implementation of policies, goals and aspirations of Three Rivers. It should identify and promote best practices and sustainability of both the urban and rural lifestyles within the Town through substantive public dialogue and engagement.

The Zoning Bylaw is a substantive regulatory framework that is closely linked to and based upon the OP. It is a legal requirement to have a Zoning Bylaw that is consistent with the content of the OP, adopted and implemented by the Town. The Zoning Bylaw will be comprehensive and clear, contain understandable text, and can be practically managed, interpreted, and implemented by Administration, Council, the development community, and citizens of the Town of Three Rivers.

The successful consultant will be expected to achieve the following:

A public, council and stakeholder engagement strategy including engagement with the Provincial Government for the rural areas that uses innovative and technical techniques to explore the community and to shape its future via meaningful public participation;

  • A complete Official Community Plan that complies with all legislative

requirements, sets out clear objectives and policies for landowners, developers, Council and staff, and is aligned with other Town strategies and plans; and

  • A complete Zoning Bylaw that complies in all respects with current legislative requirements, is internally consistent, and is a highly practical and workable document for staff and readable to the general public.

The Official Plan and the Zoning Bylaw Link

As the Official Plan progresses it will be important to keep in mind that a comprehensive new Zoning Bylaw will be developed in the near future .To that end, it is anticipated that the community will be eager to discuss the issues which are of interest to our community members including provision of services, rural area retention, the waterfront developments and community identities.

2.2 Description of Work

The Official Plan (OP) is organized into the six components outlined below. The following components of the project are identified as a guide to the tasks to be undertaken with associated deliverables to the Town for the creation of the Official Plan. They are not exhaustive or limiting; the successful Proponent should expect to accommodate changing dynamics of the project.

  • Project Initiation
  • Community Exploration and Town Shaping
  • Technical Review and issues identification
  • Community and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Bylaw or materials as required for approval preparation
  • Approval

Project Initiation

  • Establish key staff level contacts and consultant team introduction
  • Meet with Town Council to provide an overview of the proposed OP process and specifically identify when in the process Council will have the opportunity to provide input
  • Develop, with staff, a detailed work plan for the overall project with key deliverables identified
  • Develop a community and stakeholder consultation strategy to maximize local resources, existing events and identify opportunities for meaningful public participation in a practical context
  • Deliverables: Detailed Work Plan and Community and Stakeholder Consultation Strategy

Community Exploration

  • Working with the CAO or designate, engage with the community to explore how residents self-identify the Town and how it may be shaped for current and future residents.
  • Create energy and excitement in the community to participate in the creation of the OP. Use existing and planned Town events and activities to promote input and engage citizens.
  • Organize and facilitate enjoyable informal and formal events, sessions and presentations such as speaker’s series, community mapping activities, visual preference surveys, and solution sprints, to create and sustain ongoing forums that encourage multi-way communication opportunities.
  • Facilitate conversations with residents and visitors to self-identify the Town of Three Rivers to determine “who we are?”
  • Document and channel information to determine snapshots for “who Three Rivers wants to be? ”and “what does Three Rivers want to be known for?”
  • Deliverables: Elevated community awareness and engagement in the OP project and a report of stakeholder demographics, perceptions, and preference.

Technical Review and Issues Identification

  • Review the existing OP’s of the 4 communities that controlled planning (Georgetown, Montague, Lower Montague and Brudenell) and provincial plans for areas under their jurisdictions including the unincorporated rural areas for population projections and land use designations
  • Review all relevant bylaws, policies, and approved development plans
  • Provide population and demographic projections, housing demand including characteristics, and legislative requirements, demands on agricultural shorefront land and interest in alternative and sustainable uses.
  • Consult with staff, Council, the public, and local communities to obtain local knowledge, identify known issues, assess priorities, identify local challenges and opportunities (issues identification)
  • Deliverables: Report on challenges and opportunities for creating the OP, Report on recommendations to update the OP, including format and use of graphics.

Community and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Conduct working or focus groups with key stakeholders including, but not limited to, residents, town committees, the business and development community, rural and farm interests, seniors and youth. Working with the Town’s CAO or designate, employ enjoyable and interactive consultation and engagement methods that encourage meaningful public participation.
  • Collection and analysis of community and stakeholder input.
  • Deliverables: Report on community and stakeholder consultation, presentation of findings and technical review to the Town.

Official Plan Preparation

  • Prepare Draft OP following input from staff, Council, and community and stakeholder consultation
  • Prepare Draft graphics and mapping; mapping support to create OP maps, as necessary
  • Attend meetings of the Council
  • Organize and Facilitate community and stakeholder consultation sessions; may include Open House formats and other engagement methods to review Draft Official Plan along with an initial Draft Zoning Bylaw
  • Deliverables: Draft OP and Initial Draft Zoning Bylaw (with maps), Open House, presentation to Council. Note that staff will review the recommended wording and format possibly with the Town’s legal Counsel and the relevant Provincial departments.


  • Formulate final products in consultation with key staff
  • Prepare final OP and Draft Zoning Bylaw for 1st reading
  • Present at a Public Meeting

Deliverables: OP Bylaw and presentation at Public Hearing. Note that the Town of Three Rivers may review the draft and final Zoning Bylaw with the Town of Three Rivers legal counsel. The consultant(s)will be responsible for all necessary changes to any maps associated with the OP and Zoning Bylaw.

  1. Budget

Fees for the project will be charged on an hourly rate basis. A schedule of rates for each project personnel will be included with the proposal. An estimate of the time required for each task, the fee for the labour component and the expenses for each task of the Scope of Work, and others if suggested by the Proponent, shall be included in the proposal.

The estimated fee for each task shall be regarded as an upset amount and shall not be exceeded without prior approval of the Town and such approval will only be considered for changes in the scope of the work required due to factors that could not have been anticipated with information available at the time of submitting the proposal. Costs related to public consultation, including meeting room rentals and advertising, will be the responsibility of Town of Three Rivers.

  1. Project Management

The consultant will report to the CAO or designate. The CAO or designate will provide information to the consultants as required, and will be available for meetings, discussion, and review of draft concepts.

  1. Project Submissions

The Proponents are required to provide the following information:

1.Description of the team’s expertise and qualifications.

2. Description of the responsibility and tasks of each member of the team.

3. Proposed work program and schedule of key tasks, deliverables, and budget allotments corresponding with each task. Work plan will include an engagement plan outlining tasks associated with public and stakeholder consultation from project start up to completion.

4. Total fee for service (including total hours and budget for each team member) – include taxes, travel expenses and other disbursements.

5. Reference to three (3) projects of similar size and scope completed by individual/firm.

6. The Proponent will name two references who may be contacted concerning the performance of the Proponent on recent, similar projects.

7.  Authorization: The proposal will be signed by a representative of the Proponent.

8. Submission Date, Time and Place

Proponents shall submit four (4) copies of their proposal, sealed and clearly marked with the name of the project. The proposals are to be submitted to:

Town of Three Rivers

PO Box 546

24 Queens Road, Montague, C0A 1R0

Attention: Jill Walsh, CAO

No later than 12:00 noon February 7, 2020.

Proposals shall be submitted using a two (2) envelope system. The first envelope shall include the technical submission and the second envelope shall include the cost submission. Each envelope shall be clearly marked as to its contents. Submissions not using the two-envelope system, or which do not have the envelopes clearly marked, will not be accepted and will be returned to the submitter. Proposals transmitted by facsimile and or emailed proposals will not be accepted.

  1. Inquiries and Amendments

All inquiries concerning this Request for Proposals must be submitted no more than seven (7) working days prior to the closing date. All inquiries are to be directed to:

Jill Walsh CAO Town of Three Rivers

Town of Three Rivers

PO Box 546

24 Queens Road, Montague, C0A 1R0


To ensure consistency and fairness to all proponents, all firms who have received the Request for Proposals will receive any information with respect to significant inquiries in the form of written amendments or clarifications which will be sent directly to each proponent no later than five (5) days prior to closing. Verbal explanations or instructions will not be considered valid.

It is expected that Proponents will review and demonstrate an understanding of current Town documents in their response to the Town’s request for proposals for the “Town of Three Rivers.” Relevant Town of Three Rivers documents and background information can be found on the Town’s website at

6.0 Evaluation of Proposals

Ratings will be confidential, and no details will be released to any of the other proponents except as required by law.

6.1 General Proposals received will be evaluated by the Town of Three Rivers.

6.2 Technical Evaluation Criteria The technical merits of proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. a) The Firm(s)including:
  2. Experience with similar projects;
  3. General related experience;
  4. b) Personnel, Project Manager and Team Members including:
  5. Experience on similar and related projects;
  6. Public and Stakeholder Engagement experience;

iii. Qualifications;

  1. c) Methodology including:
  2. General approach;
  3. Team organization;

iii. Proposed activities;

  1. Project control and reporting;
  2. Understanding of project objectives;
  3. Quality and presentation of the proposal;

vii. Proposed level of effort; and

viii. Attention to sustainability.

  1. Perceived overall value of services proposed.
  2. Proposed value-added projects will be considered on an individual basis.

Any sub-consultants will be evaluated using the same criteria.

7. Confidentiality

Each proposal and all information, materials and products included in a proposal submitted for this project shall be the sole property of the Town of Three River and will not disseminate the submissions except for the award of the successful tender.

8. No Contractual Obligations or Claims for Compensation

The Town intends to select a preferred Proponent based on its assessment of its best interests, and the Town may select none of the proposals submitted. By issuing this Request for Proposals, the Town is not seeking binding offers and no contractual obligations whatsoever shall arise between the Town and any Proponent, including as a result of the issuance of this RFP or the submission of a proposal, unless the Town and a Proponent execute and deliver a written contract for the provision of the services contemplated under this RFP. Without in any way limiting the foregoing, no Proponent shall have any claim for any compensation of any kind what so ever, as a result of participating in the Request for Proposal, and by submitting a proposal, each proponent shall be deemed to have agreed that it has no claim.

9.Town of Three Rivers–Consultant Agreement 

The successful Proponent will be invited to enter into a Consultant agreement with the Town of Three Rivers for the provision of consulting services. The agreement will be based on this RFP, the proposal submitted including the tasks to be carried out, the personnel committed and the fees to be charged and any negotiated changes to any of the foregoing.


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