1.Ethical planning professionals should be governed by two basic concepts:

1.1 They must be competent. This means:

a) They must know the competencies for their area of practice, and

b) They must be able to successfully apply the competencies.

1.2 They must have integrity. This means:

a)   They must have a keen sense of responsibility to their profession and employers and the public; and

b)   They must retain a sense of independence that will enable them to exercise their professional judgment independently and without bias.

2. In order to comply with these two basic concepts, members of the profession shall:

2.1 Practice sustainable planning that considers the use of society’s resources and the needs of future generations;

2.2. Value both the natural and human environments and understand their interrelationships;

2.3 Acknowledge that planning decisions can have effects that cross jurisdictional boundaries;

2.4 Balance the interests of communities with the interests of individuals;

2.5 Offer objective and informed planning advice;

2.6 Strive to continuously improve their knowledge of applicable planning theory and practice; and

2.7 Foster meaningful public participation by all segments of society.

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