2022 Award Winners

November 3, 2022
We are very happy to announce our 2022 API Award Winners!

Physical Plans and Design

Physical Plans and Design is awarded to UPLAND Planning and Design on behalf of The Town of Pictou for ”Pictou Waterfront.”

Submissions in this category include:

  • Physical land-use plan or project

  • Guidelines for implementation

  • Design elements for a specific site or area, such as

    • Site-design Plans

    • Mixed-use Development

    • Business/Industrial Park

    • Park/Trail Plans

    • Historic Site/Resource Plans

    • Revitalization Plans, or

    • Downtown-improvement Plans

Comprehensive Policies and Plans

Comprehensive Policies and Plans is awarded to Halifax Regional Municipality Planning & Development for “Centre Plan.”

Submissions in this category include:

  • A strategic, long-range policy plan for a municipality, a portion of a municipality (e.g. neighbourhood, downtown) or multiple municipalities (a region);

  • A regional plan, municipal-development plan, neighbourhood plan, rural plan, area-structure plan, area-redevelopment plan, including a land-use/zoning by-law.

  • A special plan that addresses the environment, housing, economic development, recreation and/or parks, social planning, transportation and infrastructure of a municipality or region.

Rural Small Town Plans

Rural Small Town Plans is awarded to Municipality of the District of Chester for the “Creation and Implementation of Lakeside Zone.”

Submissions include:

  • A wide range of issues, including land use and natural asset management, heritage preservation, planning for economic change, maintaining community identity, population decline, and innovative partnering in the delivery of services.

Volunteer Awards

We are also thankful and pleased to announce our 2022 Volunteer Award Winners. Those that volunteer their time play a very vital role in keeping the organization running smoothly and constantly developing. They are also instrumental in helping to drive the planning profession forward in the public eye.

This year we would like to congratulate:

Susan Dean, RPP, MCIP – NBAP Recipient

Ann-Marie Cashin, MCIP – NLAPP Recipient 

Members of the Former Prince Edward Island Association of Planners – PEIIPP Recipient(s)

in recognition of outstanding dedication and contribution to the Institute and the planning profession.

2022 Trailblazer Award

In honour of outstanding contribution to the planning profession

Presented to Samantha Murphy, RPP, LPP, MCIP

October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024