Call for an API Representative to PSB

January 6, 2022
Atlantic Planners Institute is seeking a new representative to the PSB’s Accredited Program Committee.

The mandate of the Accreditation Program Committee (APC) is to:

  • Oversee policy and procedures for delivery of the accreditation program in

  • accordance with the National Membership Manual – Accreditation

  • Promote accreditation as an asset to the planning profession

  • Review applications and determine eligibility requirements for accreditation

  • within the Standards

  • Provide, through PSB, Provincial/Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs)

  • with current information on accreditation status and information on the

  • program

  • Approve selection criteria for reviewers, and recruit, train and administer

  • volunteer reviewers

  • Conduct reviews of annual reporting forms and 5-year intensive reviews (site

  • visits)

  • Prepare recommendations for accreditation


The Representative shall be a Certified member in good standing of CIP and/or a PTIA

  • Shall not be serving as officers of the Board of CIP and/or a PTIA

  • Shall not be serving as members of the Professional Standards Committee

  • Shall have a good understanding and experience in accreditation services

  • Shall have an understanding of membership standards and processes for the planning

  • profession

  • Shall have a strong interest in providing quality accreditation processes for the planning

  • profession in Canada

APC Meetings

  • Meetings held monthly by teleconference (usually fourth Monday of every month)

  • Meeting pack circulated in advance of meeting by PSB staff

  • Minutes taken and distributed by PSB staff


Should you be interested in volunteering to fill this important position, please send your information to tanya@atlanticplanners.org by January 15, 2022.


October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024