Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia

The Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia is the provincial regulator body for licensed professional planners in the province.

In Nova Scotia, members who meet the provincial and national standards for full membership as a professional planner are entitled to use the title “Licensed Professional Planner” or “LPP” and the national designation of “Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners” or  “MCIP”.

Board of Directors

2019-20 Board of Directors

Greg Zwicker, LPP, MCIP

Nathan Rogers, LPP, MCIP

Leticia Smillie, LPP, MCIP

Jillian MacLellan, LPP, MCIP

Student Representative (non-voting)
Jordan Zukowski (Dalhousie School of Planning, Masters)

Dalhousie School of Planning Faculty Representative
Mikko Terashima

Governor in Council Appointment
Aimee Virick

Nathan Rogers, LPP, MCIP

Directors at Large
Penny Henneberry, LPP, MCIP

Norval Collins, LPP, MCIP

Peter Nelson, LPP, MCIP

Jeff Merrill, LPP, MCIP

Registrar (non-voting)
Luc Ouellet, LPP, MCIP

Act and Bylaws

Conduct of the Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia is controlled by:

Website and Twitter

Visit the LPPANS website at:

Find us on Twitter: @LPPANS


PO Box 29089
Halifax, NS B3L 4T8

(902) 704-2401

API Executive Director
Michelle MacDonald


LPPANS Statement on Anti-racism

April 16 at 2:30pm to 3:30pm (3:00pm to 4:00pm NL)
Who Are These People and Why Are They Yelling At Me?