Poster Gallery: Dalhousie University

Transportation Needs in Dartmouth, NS | Devon Armstrong
Cycling and Public Transit: Competitive or Collaborative? | Michael Bohdanowicz
Urban Microregeneration: Rebuilding Relationships in Community | Zhiyi Chen
Micro Ephemeral Hydrology: Too Small to Ignore | Isabelle Choumiline
Bike to Campus | Shaoqiu Gong
Public Transit Crowding in a Post-COVID City | Samantha Horner
Places for Everyone: Moving Beyond the 30% Affordability Definition | Jacob Macpherson
Planning Approach for Small Towns | Digen Mavani
Accessible Signage Testing | Raghav Parikh
The importance of Queer Inclusivity in Atlantic Canada | Jane Rideout
Rural Accessible and Age-Friendly Infrastructure Assessment | Mehvish Sayed
Signs of the Time: Incorporating Indigenous Languages on Public Signs | Chloe Simpson
Where are the Green Roofs? : A look at why green roofs have seen minimal uptake on Canada’s East Coast | Jenna Stewart
Opportunities for Offshore Wind Energy in Nova Scotia: Marine Spatial Planning and Considerations in the Offshore Wind Energy Sector | Bridget Taylor
Transforming car-oriented shopping mall to liveable community | Will Hong
Using Google ‘Pegman’ Audits to Collect Street-Level Pedestrian Infrastructure Data | Katherine Deturbide
Addressing Gaps in ‘Average’ Measures when Assessing Walkability for All | Kate Clark
Towards Comprehensive Coastal and Marine Planning: A Comparison of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Planning | Daniel Martinez Calderon 
A place for municipalities in a federal marine spatial planning program | Monica DeVidi 
Exploring the position of coastal communities in marine spatial planning: bridging land and sea | Patricia Manuel 

October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024