Event Name
NLAPP Planners Plate – Food First NL
Event Date
January 11, 2023
Event Time
12:00 pm-1:00 pm AT
12:30 pm-1:30 pm NL

Sarah Crocker, Program Coordinator at Food First NL  will present on the St. John’s Food Assessment, bridging the gap between community engagement and municipal action. This approach shapes the response to critical food system issues, inspiring local action on transportation, enterprise, and affordability, including innovative initiatives such as  “Food on the Move”.

Sarah is the first point of contact for community requests about local food programs as a program coordinator with Food First NL, . From workshop and education requests, to supporting community-based initiatives, she provides assistance to individuals and organizations across the province. Sarah is coordinating a food assessment in St. John’s which aims to engage, inform, and help people take action on food.   As a farmer and seed saver, she has a wide variety of hands-on experience growing vegetables and saving seed at her farm in Portugal Cove. She loves to explore how food can be used to build community and tackle big issues.

Planners Plate – 2023 – Food First NL

October 16 to October 18
API Conference 2024