The province of New Brunswick is currently facing labour market shortage issues, particularly in the field of community planning. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by planning organizations within the province, NBAP engaged the services of JMC HR Consulting to research and report on the matter.

Two surveys were conducted to gather insights from various organizations and professionals involved in community planning activities. These surveys sought to explore the extent of the shortage, the specific skill gaps experienced, and the measures being undertaken to address these issues. By gathering firsthand experiences and perspectives from professionals in the planning sector, this study aims to shed light on the urgency and importance of addressing the workforce shortage to ensure effective and sustainable community development in New Brunswick.

The following report presents the key findings from the Employer and Employee surveys, providing valuable insights for policymakers, planners, and stakeholders seeking to develop strategies to tackle the current labour market challenges in the province.

The information in this report represents the collected data from 68 participants over eight weeks. The data can be used to identify any opportunities for improvement and inform decisions that can drive meaningful change.

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