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*Please note the 2023 Murray Pinchuk Community Builder Award Nominations are now closed

The Pinchuk Community Builder Award is an award offered by the Prince Edward Island Institute of Professional Planners (formerly the Prince Edward Island Association of Planners) since 2013. This Award honours the contributions of the late Murray Pinchuk to professional planning practise on Prince Edward Island. Murray worked with the City of Summerside for many years and actively contributed to and promoted planning on Prince Edward Island.


The Pinchuk Community Builder Award recognizes the highest standard of community building excellence in the public and private realms. It is presented on World Town Planning Day, November 8, 2023, to an individual, group or organization that has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to making their Prince Edward Island community a better place today and for the future, in a way that touches on either the built or natural environment.

Anyone may nominate an individual, group, or organization for exemplary action, outstanding volunteerism, life-long service, or any other achievement that is enhancing the interaction between people and their built or natural environment on Prince Edward Island.

To nominate a candidate, the nominator must complete a nomination form describing the efforts and achievements of the nominee, and how they contribute to community building on Prince Edward Island. Nominators are encouraged to review the criteria for selection further below, and to include supporting documents such as photographs and letters of support, as relevant.


The Award recipient will be selected by a committee that is comprised of Institute members and will be presented with a certificate from the Institute.

Community improvement, commitment, effort, impact, originality, and overall vision will be key considerations in the selection of the Award recipient.

Nominations shall continue to be valid for one year after submission, during which time nominees may also be recognized under other initiatives of the Institute.


Eligible nominees may include but are not restricted to:

  1. Individuals, non-profit, or charitable organizations involved in implementing projects and programs within PEI that contribute towards the building of more complete communities. Individuals must have demonstrated community involvement for a minimum of two years.
  2. Municipalities that are taking extra steps to promote planning excellence in their community.
  3. Developers or private sector organizations that are promoting design or community integration through their projects.


Nominees will be judged based on the excellence of the contribution to their community. Community improvement, commitment, effort, impact, originality and overall vision will be key considerations. Nominations should be made in consideration of the following criteria:

  1. The nominee’s contributions to the community must occur during the preceding two years. A minimum of two years of community involvement is required for individuals being nominated.
  2. The nominee’s contributions towards supporting and strengthening the community can serve a model for others.
  3. The nominee’s contributions fit under one or more of the following categories:
    • Projects or programs that contribute towards the building of more complete communities, including, but not limited to:
        • Food security
        • Poverty eradication
        • Protection of the natural environment
        • Community safety
        • Inclusive communities
        • Creative communities
        • Vibrant neighbourhoods
    • Projects that promote excellence and innovation in land use planning, such as projects that demonstrate inclusive or accessible planning methods or techniques.
    • Projects that demonstrate the highest standard of urban design excellence, such as innovative or accessible site design.
    • Infill or redevelopment projects that fit well within the surrounding context and contribute towards a sense of place and creative community building.
    • Projects that improve or enhance the quality of public space through the inclusion of elements of creativity, beauty, or whimsy in their design or implementation.

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